Install RVM Ruby on Ubuntu 11.10

Because OS X crashes every 2nd day, I thought it’s time to give Ubuntu another good spin. First task is to setup my Ruby working environment.

On a fresh Ubuntu 11.10 VM, I firstly installed curl and git via apt-get

sudo apt-get install curl git-core

I then installed RVM using the normal RVM installation command

bash < <(curl -s

Then I tried to install Ruby 1.9.3, I ran into all sorts of issues, readline not available, yaml failed to build, etc. After some fooling around, I found that all I needed to do was to RTFM! Running the following gives me all required packages needed to install an MRI (and others) ruby…

rvm requirements

Believe or not, after doing the sudo apt-get install line from rvm requirements, RVM is happy as!

Lesson learnt: before start blaming a tool (especially a free one!), let’s check what the README says first!

Published: 2011-12-16
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