New years resolutions

Another year almost goes passed by. Time for doing this new years resolutions thing again.

Let’s look back first, and see what I have accomplished in 2011.

  • Work hard on my MYOB works. Make the project we’re working on a big success!
  • Work smart on my freelance works. Try getting recurring income.
  • Rails 3 is out for a while now. I WILL make a pet RoR app this year!
  • Get myself into Test Driven Development and study Behaviour Driven Development.
  • Keep spending quality time with family. At least 2 road trips.
  • Take over the duty of sending Oscar to his childcare (that is 3 mornings a week).

Okay! 5 out of 6 items are stiked out. Not too bad!

Now, look forward. In 2012, here are the things I want to make happen.

  • I’ll be re-joining MYOB and work on a new project. I want a big success on that!
  • Keep working on freelance recurring income. I believe things will work out this year.
  • Finish off my Rails 3 side project.
  • Keep doing morning and afternoon childcare runs (3 days a week).
  • Family time! Again, at least 2 family trips.
  • EDITED: Do exercise to lose weight.

This is it! I’ll see how things are tracking by the end of 2012!

Published: 2011-12-22
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