Ruby basics - String

One night, I was studying some code written by Aleksey. I spotted his usage of Ruby string’s “%” notation. It shows me how elegant Ruby can be, given knowing all those Ruby basics.

To confess, I learned (and still learning) Ruby from learning Rails. At this moment, I defintely think it’s a bad idea! Basics should always be taught/learned before the magical frameworks. So, I’ll start a series of posts to go through some of these basics.

Ruby string % notation

%Q - Interpolated string. Character used after %Q will be used as the new string delimeter, hence it should be balanced. This makes normal string delimeters such as “ and ‘ become auto-escaped. If the new delimeter also appears in the string, it only needs to be manually escaped if it’s unbalanced.

%Q[Don't need to escape " and '. Need to escape \[ manually, but not [ and ]]

%r - Similar to %Q, but constructs a Regexp object. No need to escape those slashes!

%W - Feed it with a string of words separated by spaces, get back an array of words.

%x - Interpolated shell commands. Same as using backticks.

Published: 2011-12-23
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