AngularJS and Rails

A bit update first. I’ve moved to Vancouver for 1.5 months now. Despite all the good things (e.g. work, people), my banking experience has been super bad! I used to think the banks in Australia were bad, I now clearly see what’s worse! I opened my bank account with BMO on the first day I landed here, and till now, there’re still unresolved issues. It made me so upset, I had to setup a random script on Heroku to tweet how bad @BMO is everyday … So if you follow me on twitter and see my rants, it’s that!

Anyway, some interesting stuff now! Call me late adopter, after all these buzz about AngularJS, I finally gave it a shot. This great blog post certainly helped me to get started. But I had to figure some stuff out myself in order to get the AngularJS app to talk to the Rails API app. It’s Friday afternoon, I’m not really in the mood of writing too much here … My play app source code can be found here on github, and I’ll keep playing and pushing the changes there.

Published: 2013-10-18
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